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Christ Special School

Christ Special School is part of the Christ Group of Schools under the Congregation of Mary Immaculate (CMI) management. Learning the need and significance of addressing the education of children with special needs, this school was established by Rev. Fr. Marius CMI in 2012. The aim was to provide quality education and training to the excluded student population to empower them to be independent and functional in their communities. From its humble beginnings, the school is moving towards a center of excellence in child development, providing person-centered and rights-based rehabilitation services. The school functions in the Christ State School building, providing opportunities to interact with peers and enjoy the facilities of typical school life.


Empower every individual to be an independent, productive citizen through early intervention and training and create an inclusive community where all individuals live with respect and dignity.

“You are the light of the world”

“You are the light of the world,” the words of Jesus Christ, is the motto of Christ Special School. Christ Special School focuses on the holistic development of its students with special needs to maximize their potential through customized training. Thus, they shine before the world revealing the power and glory of the Lord.


The school Logo reflects the quintessence and values that the school upholds. The Dove soaring high typifies the students to elevate themselves to lofty heights and not to look down even when there is turbulence, which will automatically force them to excel. The symbolic representation of Christ School Bengaluru, in the form of Lamp, signifies the enlightenment of mind and intellect. The Triangle represents perfection and the source of unlimited potential. The Circle symbolizes wholeness and oneness. The circles enclosing the triangle epitomizes a means of warding off negativity and generating positivism and protection. The Rays emitting out of the triangle are the core values that one has to attain with all earnestness, sincerity and endeavour to radiate this light to every corner of the world.


Fr. Nijo Jose CMI

Our Director

Fr. Reji Koodappattu CMI

Assistant Director

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